Precision, Purpose, Passion and Poise

MAMTA FOMRA is a designer label that offers handcrafted apparel (clothes), accessories, jewellery and lifestyle products created by rural artisans across the country. The brand range includes contemporary, Indo Western and traditional designs in both formal and casual wear. Read more


No fuss, no frills: Professionalism with a personal touch!
Mamta Fomra is a unique fashion designer. Ever since I became her client, my fashion and style quotient is amazingly high!I am very comfortable with her as a person and she makes the best clothes I can ask for. I can always rely on Mamta Fomra for a perfect fit!
A talented designer, she is also warm and loveable. If I need clothes tomorrow, I know I can knock on her door today and get an amazing set delivered the same day—no fuss, no frill, but professionalism with a personal touch— with the warmest smile that can melt even the Himalayan snows!

A. Ajantha, Soapatologist, Siya Handmade Herbal Soaps, India

International, sassy, yet classy!
I met Mamta over thirteen years ago and within the first year of my journey in India, I found her shop of quality Indian styles. Now her designs are a unique label of international, sassy… yet classy! Exquisite designs for all ages and requirements that accentuate the desired personal statement a woman wishes to make.
This is her gift, expertise and trademark she is known for. Mamta shines in her original ability to take every woman to the next level of their appearance, so that their inner beauty can shine outwardly even more. I am honoured to have my clothes designed by her, every year, during my visit to India and grateful, she continues with a broad selection of organic materials so healthy for our bodies.

Jollean Matsen, Energy Healer, Canada

Blend of the East and West!
I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit & shop at the Mamta Fomra store in my visit to Madurai. I was highly impressed by her exquisite designs and found myself purchasing so many of her designer pieces! Her blend of the East & West impressed me the most. Her taste for details, colour blends,unique cuts together with texture of the fabrics caught my attention and encouraged me to purchase so many pieces! Back here in the US, whenever I wear her outfits, I’m bombarded with compliments & enquiries as to where someone can purchase similar items. Mamta’s personalised touch & fashion sense enhances every shopping experience. I look forward to my next visit with the hope of acquiring more elegant pieces!

Vashti, Retired Teacher, Broward County School Board, Coral Springs, Florida, USA

My family’s first choice!
I’ve known Mamta Fomra for more than a decade now, and she never disappoints. She has an amazing collection of kurtas and sarees, with a wide range of choices available for everyone, including my daughter! Ever smiling, she offers some of the best services I’ve seen. She gets my suits designed and customised the way I want, giving me the perfect fit. She is the only designer I’ve known for so long and I am more than happy with her designs. You will never be disappointed with her collection. She’s always my family’s first choice!

Shrimathi Ashok, Director, Adityaa Energy Resources, Singapore

Dazzled beyond belief!
As a visitor to Madurai, I met this professional, charming and visionary designer Mamta Fomra. I was gasping in awe whenI entered her shop! The variety of her designs were original, classy andfashionable. The variety of textures, colour and fabrics infused with ethnicity made it easy for me to shop for teenagers and adults. Her warm personal care embellished this shopping experience. On my return to the West, I always get many positive comments for the outfits. Good Luck Mamta, until we meet again!

Linda Maharaj, Educator & Social Worker, Trinidad n Tobago

You name it and you get it!
MAMTA FOMRA… My best find! I’ve been associated with her for more than 20 years. The moment I entered her store still remains green in my memory… her exotic collections amazed me! Curious, I asked her if she would undertake tailoring and she replied that she did. One has to experience the self-confidence and humility in her tone.
The first outfit styled by Mamta still remains one of my best and I was showered with compliments. I simply love her embroidery, colour combinations, stylish fit , matchless quality ...created with such warmth and passion. All you have to do is to walk in... I can proudly say all her outfits enhancemy pride...I love her brand and will be connected forever with her and her brand!

Madhavi Shankar, Home Maker, India

Woven with love and warmth
I’ve known Mamta Fomra since the past 25 years. MAMTA FOMRA is a brand for clothing, friendship, business, connectivity, serenity & divinity! Each fabric in the MAMTA FOMRA store is woven with the warmth of love, affection & blessings. The ambience and humility she & her team shower on the customer is secret of her enduring appeal & success! The shopping experience at the store in person is a bliss to relax from all the pressures & take a break. The chit chat (snacks, juice & other yummy food!) is signature MAMTA FOMRA! I always call her at the last minute, tell her the occasion & she immediately responds to my needs! She is a fashion designer who can make a client carry herself with self-confidence & self-respect, qualities that will remain with me throughout my life.
Thanks, Mamta Fomra, you are part of my family!

Srilakshmi Bansidhar, Advocate Madras High Court, Madurai Bench, Veena Artist, Psychologist, India


Our store

28/3/13 to 1/2/23 At Vishal - Mall
Relocated to the new address - 5/2/23

P-388,Ground Floor,East 8th Street,K.K.Nagar,Opp:Mahatma School Grace Gate,Madurai-625020,Tamilnadu,India.

Ph : +914524246677.
Mon - Sun, 10am - 9pm