Know your designer

A touch of class

Over the years I have learnt that what is important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it.

Yves St Laurent (1936-2008)  celebrated French fashion designer 


MAMTA FOMRA is the first designer label in Madurai, with a significant presence in the city. Her range includes ethnic Indian, Indo Western and Western wear. She embraces the diversity ofIndianhandloomsand also transformsWesternwear into anIndian user-friendly experience.

MAMTA FOMRA arrived on the Madurai fashion scene in 1995and has now become a well-recognized women’s clothing, accessories and jewellery brand. A blend of fabrics, colours and elegant cuts, her flowing silhouettes and intricate handcrafted embroideryadd a touch of class to her creations.

Daring to dream

Growing up in a family that was stepped in Indian art and craft traditions, Mamta Fomra is  passionate about her creations, crafted with passion, precision, purpose and poise. An artistic and creative person, for whom  a passion is also her  profession, she has  been successfully spearheading a business that  she  had  single handedly built.  The journey has been creatively  fulfilling and meaningful for her. Along the journey, she has been able to make a difference in the lives of the artisan families  and  enable  her clients experience the joy of wearing clothes lovingly created and often customised to their needs and preferences.

Fomra relocated to Madurai form Kolkata in the early 1990s following her marriage. She struggled to explain to people that boutiques also sell affordable routine wear clothes; as back then, ‘boutique designs’ meant an expensive ramp walk clothes for models that were considered out of reach for the conservative society of Madurai!

Behind every successful woman there are supportive fathers and husbands!

Mamta Fomra looks up to her father as her inspiration. The legacy of unconditional support was continued by her husband, who is also a source of inspiration. His support made all the difference as he nurtured her then fledgling aspiration of entrepreneurship.

“Being a woman entrepreneur in the fashion Industry, that too, way back in 1995, was not acceptable in Madurai, where people could barely pronounce boutique”, she recalls.

The art and craft of creation

Her trademark is her imaginative blend of fabrics and colours, elegant cuts, flowing silhouettes, intricate hand crafted embroidery—all of which add a touch of class to her creations.Blending tradition and modernity with functionality and style, MAMTA FOMRA collection is Indian in essence and global in appeal. Her eye for detail, passion for aesthetics, discerning taste, and above all, her love for people make the MAMTA FOMRA creation a unique and individual style statement. Her eye for detail, passion for aesthetics, discerning taste, and above all, her love for people, is what makes the MAMTA FOMRA creation, a unique and individual style statement.

“Our every design is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity with functionality and style,” says Mamta Fomra.

A people-friendly person, Mamta Fomra loves meeting and interacting with people. Every interaction with  her clients,she says, enables her to create clothes that reflect and amplify who they are.


“The feel  and smell of fabric and clothes is a sensory, intimate experience. When we step out of the housewell dressed, we feel empowered and self-confident,” she signs off with a flourish.


Awards& Accolades

Mamta Fomra is the recipient of several recognitions and awards that are testimony to her 25 years of experience and expertise as a fashion designer: 

  • The Sthree Honor of Excellence Award (2002).
  • Outstanding entrepreneur from Jennifer Mcintyre, Consul General of the U.S. Consulate General (2014).
  •  “Best Madurai Woman” award for outstanding contribution in the field of   designing for over two decades (2016).
  • Best Women Entrepreneur Award by Tamil Nadu Achievers Conference and International Global Peace University at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, 2017.
  • Business Achiever Award, at the Chamber Of Commerce (2018).  
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree, at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi (2018).
  • Exceptional Women Of Excellence from Dr. Harbeen Arora at the Women Economic Conference (WEF), New Delhi, (2019).
  • India Business Awards for Outstanding Women Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer in Madurai, Bangalore, (2019).