Our story

A creative quest

As a young girl growing up in the mid-1970s in a business family that was steeped in textile traditions of India, Mamta Fomra saw, felt, touched, smelt and ‘heard’ the fabrics sing as they were hung out to dry in the nippy cold weather of the Himalayan country of Nepal!   

When the family shifted to Kolkata, their engagement with textiles continued, this time with the traditional textile weavers and crafts persons specialising in hand crafted creations such as the Kantha embroidery and hand woven splendours in silk and cotton such as the Jamdani, Balucheri and Shantipuri.

Her passion for fabrics and colours that permeated her childhood continued to infuse her adulthood as well. Naturally, the world of fashion design was thus an organic calling that aligned with her artistic sensibility and sensitivity to the glorious textile and handcraft tradition of India. 

Mamta Fomra’s professional background in fashion design and entrepreneurship studies have enabled her to segue seamlessly, melding passion and profession into creations that are as joyful and exuberant as the creator herself!