Precision, Purpose, Passion and Poise  

MAMTA FOMRA is a designer label that offers handcrafted bespoke clothing, accessories, jewellery and lifestyle products created by rural artisans across the country. The brand range includes contemporary, Indo Western and  traditional designs in both formal and casual wear.

Her imaginative brand logo  is a fusion of the Indian (Hindi letter M) and Western (F) letters of the alphabet to symbolise a seamless blending of two distinct cultures and traditions into a unified whole. 

Crafted and created with precision, purpose, passion and poise, MAMTA FOMRA creations celebrate the diversity and exuberance of Indian artisanal handcraft tradition in various vibrant colours, shades and hues.

Every creation is passionately created and hand crafted. Stitch by stitch, snip by snip, one block imprint at a time,the warp and weft of the artisanal weaver’s handloom creates a glorious tapestry that celebrates the artistic exuberance of the textile and handcraft traditions of India.

The  brand’s range of organic cotton in hand woven, linen and silk is much sought after by discerning clients. The vibrant artistic expressions are embellished with handmade block prints, patchwork, hand dyeing and printing, mirror work and hand embroidery. The brand’s signature motifs are created in French and Spring embroidery, Venetian lace, tatting lace, petit point and Indian handwork traditions such as badla, aabla, zardozi and aari. These creations are customised to individual needsand preferences and are often limited edition pieces.

Celebrating artisanal heritage, traditional talents and traditional skills of weavers and crafts persons from across Indiais a hallmark of MAMTA FOMRA creations. The artistic creations  spanning Kashmir to Kanyakumari are expressions of exquisite elegance, élan and  style.

Over the years,MAMTA FOMRA has emerged as a fashion brand that symbolises empowerment of rural artisans and semi urbanwomen by recognising, reviving and  promoting handcrafted and hand woven textile traditions that are on the brink of extinction, often eclipsed by mass production inthe age of increasing industrialisation, mechanisationand modernisation.

In 2014, as part of the brand’s commitment to social and economic empowerment  of rural artisans and women, the MAMTA FOMRA Foundation was launched. Some of its flagship initiatives include skill building of  local women in textile handcraft traditions such as Katha (Bengal) work that is integrated into hand woven stoles, bed linen, drapes and hand stitched falls for the lower ends of saris and pico stitching of the edges.

In 2020, in response to the pandemic crisis, the foundation launched its home catering services (traditional Rajasthani food and contemporary global cuisines from across the world). The kitchen, staffed by women from less privileged backgrounds, uses home made products, hand pounded spices, homemade condiments (sauces, spreads and pickles), and organic vegetables—all of which meld into delectable,delicious homemade food that  showcase artisanal food created with passion and care. 

Through its various initiatives, MAMTA FOMRA is a brand synonymous with quality and trust—qualities that attract and retain a loyal client base. Every MAMTA FOMRA creation evokes sartorial elegance of classic pieces styled with precision, purpose, passion and poise. They are simply elegant and elegantly simple!