Since 1995, my journey as a Fashion Designer has been a steep learning curve. My sense of fashion is a reflection of my brand. It has been changing at the speed of lightning and enlightening me internally to be a better human being. Over the years, my fashion and my brand have evolved from the general external fashion sense as the world perceives it to exploring the internal fashion sense that I believe. My core values are thriving to create a brand of intangibles over tangibles.

To fashion as I know it & the brand that I represent -

Fashion is building a brand,
Crossing barriers on all stands.
It is not just costumes and heels,
But with cosmic shades and various peels.

Fashion is beyond the hip hop clothes,
The glamour is short-lived and a ghost.

Let us not be hooked to the cover page,
Page 3 is a life full of gaze.

Vouch for the simple elements & beauty in life,
Rest disappears faster than you realize,
Make your fashion a permanent statement and rise.

Fashion to me is not a reel but real,
People & places all the more dear.

Fashion is in the Karma of life,
Believe in harmony and spread light.

Building beyond the commerce & trades,
Making the world a better place.

Fashion is the moral intent of the heart,
And good regenerative content of art.

Keep the mental equilibrium in scarcity,
Hold to your honesty & integrity.

Fashion is always bearing a smile,
That helps me cross miles.

Being fashionable is being reasonable,
To the people and the planet,
That holds and enables.

To me,
Fashion is always standing by the defender,
And make sure to assist the ones left of their gender.

Hand holding in the order of the pyramid,
Pulling folks from the bottom of the grid.

Life is all about giving & sharing wholeheartedly,
And create this as a fashion statement for the majority.

Hoarding for ourselves is cluttering our hives,
Why hoard when we can share with many lives?

Give people before they ask,
An act of humanity & a noble task.
Be thankful for the opportunity you get,
Never bask in the glory of the donations or regret.

Fashion is being lionhearted and gifting people with both hands,
While I can have the whole packet, I still like to change hands!

Fashion is bringing change,
Taking the mantle and reaching in range.
Bringing leadership and innovation,
Liberating many from hibernation.
Mentor and payback to the society that gave me,
Creating a sustainable brand that made me!

Fashion is being collective at your best,
Build community leaders and make a nest.
Inspire people to rise above their best,
Build a flourishing society for the rest.

To me,
Fashion is being inclusive,
Reach the last man in the room & reclusive.
I try to take along the left behind,
As life is too short & rewind.
Fashion to me is being sustainable,
Upcycle or recycle whichever is available,
Replacing one-time usage with renewables.

Saving the planet from the mounting debris,
Choices that are not accounting for liability.

Fashion is to place a plant in every room,
Go green and gift them to the groom.
I help him show the life,
when he begins his journey with his bride.

My fashion calls for Minimalistic,
That is the shot of the times & realistic.

Tracing the routes not just genetically,
Finding my roots experiencing-spiritually.
The path of love, gratitude, forget & forgive,
Creating better ways to live.

Being vegetarian is not just fashionable,
It's creating the imbalances more manageable.
Being vegan is my latest fashion sense,
Creating awareness for this generation & make a trend.
To me,
Fashion is not killing anyone for fancy,
Being fashionable is saying no to animal cruelty.

A zero-waste policy is my mantra all day,
Fashionable enough to save for generations & go a long way.

While fashion is all about its cycle,
Old paves the way for new while we paddle.

My fashion is blending the new with the old,
I keep my choices bold as old is gold.

I don't miss a chance to make a difference,
Even though my sense of fashion is different.

My life is full of amazing anecdotes
That reinforces my faith in goodness & totes.

I am labeled as the one who does things differently
My God knows, I never take that course intentionally.
It is the calling from within,
Making my heart fill to the brim.

When I am dead and gone,
The fashionista in me may evade the inevitable norm.
I may create a trend glamorously,
For my creative, fashionable generosity.
If my brand stays until eternity,
I will consider myself honoured posthumously!

© Mamta Fomra, 2022. All Rights Reserved

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