EMERALD - A Stone that Seeks Love and Reveals Truth

The Three Amigos as pictured by Wilenski


Emerald is a stone that provides soothing energy & heals to all levels of the being. It is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion, and unconditional love. Emerald promotes friendship, and balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment, and loyalty. It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to insure security in love.

Emerald is also a stone of great vision and intuition, associated with the eyes and sight, long believed to foretell future events and reveal one’s truths. It is a stone of wisdom, enhancing memory and increasing mental clarity. It combines intelligence with discernment, and brings to the conscious mind what is unconsciously known. It is therefore excellent for the Third Eye/mid-brow/Pituitary gland Chakra.  Emerald also increases focus and intent, activating psychic abilities and opening clairvoyance. Traditionally it was used as a protection against enchantment and spells.

Emerald promotes good self-esteem.  Emerald is a remarkable support stone for the workplace. It increases mental acuity, strengthens memory, and inspires eloquence in speech. Natural Emerald or tumble stone held for five minutes a day brings rapid recall of facts, and is ideal for occupations where visionary insight is a significant benefit. It enkindles success in business, especially for older women, and is particularly known for assistance in areas of legal affairs, trials, and litigation.

Emerald brings a soothing mental and emotional equilibrium, making it extremely beneficial in stimulating cooperation and understanding within a group of people. It is also helpful in relieving claustrophobia.

Emerald imparts a wonderful rejuvenating quality, thought to combat aging and when placed appropriately, to re-vitalize tired organs. It is a strong healer of the physical heart, and may be useful in treating the lungs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and kidneys, as well as the spine and muscle system. It aids recovery after infectious illness, and its powerful green ray can assist healing of malignant conditions.

Key Signature Essences: justice, compassion, harmony, hope in the future, renewal, growth, inspiration, infinite patience, unity, compassion, unconditional love, relationships, domestic bliss, contentment, loyalty, intelligence, vision, intuition, wisdom, memory, mental clarity, clairvoyance, physic abilities, visionary insight, cooperation and understanding

Energy Centers/Chakras in the body:  Heart - 4th Energy center/Chakra, Higher Heart  Energy center/Chakra,  Third Eye/mid-brow/Pituitary gland - 6th Energy center/Chakra

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