How to keep your pearls lustrous and lovely

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While pearls are naturally durable, proper care and maintenance adds to the durability!  Here are a few important pearl care tips: 

Wear them! If not every day, at least semi-often!  Having been birthed in water, pearls love moisture!  They naturally absorb oils the skin secretes throughout the day. So go ahead, and flaunt your pearls!  Gently wipe pearls with soft cloth to remove traces of sweat, grime, perfume and excess pearls before storing them. 

Store pearls separately. Avoid mixing them up with other kinds of jewelry. Wrap pearls in linen, soft cloth or soft pouch. 

Avoid storing pearls in air tight bags. Pearls love moisture and may crack in its absence. If you are storing pearls in a vaults or safety box, place a moist cloth nearby.  

Keep pearls away from chemicals such as chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics such as these damage the pearl surface.    

Wear your pearls after applying makeup and styling your hair. Chemicals corrode pearls and hence be careful.

Pearls react with perspiration. Hence remove them while exercising! 

Avoid immersing pearls in water: Wearing pearls while showering, doing dishes and swimming are a definite No!

Avoid hanging pearls on a hook while in storage: This strains the string and causes it to become misshapen.

Restring pearls once in two to three years, once a year, if you use them weekly.

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