BLACK PEARL - Lovely lustrous Peacock Pearl

Black Pearl, also known as the Tahitian pearl, is a type of salt water pearl. Popularly known as the Peacock Pearl, the iridescent shimmering pearl is available in a range of hues and shades: dark gray, green, silver, pistachio, black, peacock, purple, indigo and pink purple.

 Adored and cherished by royalty and glitterati across the world, the Black pearl is cultured in the Black lipped oyster (Pinctada margariti feracumingi). The metallic sheen and prismatic effect caused by the layers of nacre on the curved surface of the pearl reflects light, recreating the magic of the plumage of the peacock. The colours and hues of the Black Pearl are natural colours.

Symbolism: Black Pearls are symbols of protection, independence, balance, trust, equal co-creation, mystical, mystery, strength, fascination, allure, prosperity and abundance in all areas of one’s life. 

General Signature Pearl Essences:  Youthful innocence, purity, flow and flexibility, sincerity, integrity, balances feminine aspects, insight, clarity, wisdom, focus, caretakers and regulate our emotions.

Energy Centers/Chakras in the body:  The Pearl's signature gifts depend on its colour: White Pearl brings freedom; Brownish, wisdom; Yellowish, wealth; Greenish, happiness; Indigo, Illumination.


  • Light and dark Pearls create a unified team; light Pearl focuses mainly on the Solar Plexus energy centre and our frequency of confidence in the world. Dark Pearls balance the two lower energy centers to create greater creativity and stability, even with the unseen energies. This combination of light and dark pearls may empower a unity consciousness through cooperation with the Solar Plexus-spleen and liver organs and can greatly enhance one’s vitality and adaptive ability to changing environments and emotional sensitivities. 


  • Co-Joined natural pearls are usually white and dark pearls that have literally co-joined together. This resonates to a frequency of unity between the masculine and feminine energies.

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  • Black pearls embeded in your description is more beautiful indeed. 360 degree spectral throw on symbolism, signature and chakras are add on to perceptual maps. Adorable!

    Dr. Deepa Murali

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