PINK BAROQUE PEARLS - Pink Soft Baroque Pearls

Pink Soft Baroque Pearls– The SignaturePearl of Gentle Assertive Persuasion


Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes. Most cultured freshwater pearls are baroque because freshwater pearls are mantle-tissue nucleated instead of bead nucleated.


Pink Pearls represent love, nourishment, understanding, innocence, insight and balance of emotions.  Pink Pearls are a true heart essence, soft in its’ approach yet

deliberate and knowing.


*General Pearl Signature Essences:  youthful innocence, purity, flow and flexibility, sincerity, integrity, balances feminine aspects, insight, clarity, wisdom, focus, caretakers and regulators of our emotions


*Energy Centers/Chakras in the body:  Pearl's signature gifts depend on its color: White Pearl brings freedom, Brownish - wisdom, Yellowish - wealth, Greenish - happiness, Indigo-Illumination


  • Pink and Green for 4th Energy center/Chakra


Pink Pearls may assist in healing most emotional heart issues, providing a soft perspective towards one being open and allowing when differences and contrasts arise in relationships.  The wearer may find they are able to access the right effective solution that heals the bonding in their personal relationships, friendships and even in the work environment. 


Pink Pearls are absolutely natural to blend with other colors of pearls and will then affect soft transition to peacefulness and balance throughout a person’s entire energy field.  Wearing Pink Pearls for long periods of time, may help to regulate our emotions giving greater stability and cooperation within the body, the emotional field and thereafter affecting the outer environment with greater ease.


General Information of Pearls

Occasionally clean your pearls gently with a soft cloth and mild soapy water then rinse in fresh water then dry them with a soft cloth.


According to a legend, Pearls are formed from dew.  This is known as a metaphor for the'Tears of the Goddess of Love'.  Apparently when given as a gift, Pearls symbolize faith, fidelity and true love.


Subtle nourishment, flow and flexibility are Pearl's qualities as well. Pearls represent purity and stimulate the mind in clarity and wisdom. They are believed to enhance personal integrity, clarity and focus on one’s intention.



General Information For All Pearls

***When you are at home in your own environment, wear your Pearls next to your

skin to improve their luster.  The best way to care for your pearls is to wear them

unless you perspire heavily.


***Do not to expose your precious Pearls to long hours of  sunlight, or to dryness, humidity, acid, or wide temperature variations because this can dull your Pearl’s luster. 


It has been said that it increases fertility and eases childbirth, at the same time as increasing physical vitality.  Pearls assist us to fulfill our role as caretakers or nurturers with ease and understanding.  bring out the maternal instinct in women and may help men to feel more nurturing.   Wearing Pearls can reduce heat and balance bodily fluids. Thus, they can be used to treat blood diseases and others related to bodily secretions caused by extreme body heat.


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