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Honey Amber

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Amber - Key to Ancient Knowledge

Length: 20.5 inches/52 cm
♥Key Signature Essences : care free, sunny disposition, good luck, success, transformative, memory balances intellect, courage and protection from physic attack

♥Energy Centers/Chakras in the body: Navel/Sacral - 2nd Energy center /Chakra, Solar Plexus/Spleen - 3rd Energy center /Chakra, Crown/middle of the brain/ Pineal gland - 7th Energy center /Chakra

Ancient Greeks referred to it as “electron,” which was associated with the sun.
Amber is technically not a gemstone or mineral, but a fossilized sap from prehistoric trees that have aged over the course of millions of years. Amber is usually thought of as yellow golden in hue, but Amber also can be found in shades of milky white, red-orange, green, black and even (very rarely) violet.

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Disclaimer: This is a handcrafted product and may have minor irregularities or imperfections that usually come up in handmade products. However, the irregularities further enhance the beauty of the product, making each piece unique.

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