Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls

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Tahitian pearls are best cocktail jewellery for all costumes & fashion trends

 These pearls have been hand picked right at the source. They are natural & non treated. The peel, tear, breakages & unevenness give them the most natural living experience of the nature’s gift. Own the “Perfect Imperfections” & give your self a natural pearl string straight from the heart of the nature.

Length: 21 inches/ 54 cm

Tahitian Pearls – The Signature Pearl of Peacock Prism

Tahitian Pearls – Protection, Independence, Balance, Trust, Equal Co-creation, Mystical,  Mystery, Strength, Fascination, Allure, Prosperity and Abundance in all areas of one’s life

Types of black pearls: Tahitian pearls

Overtones: gray, green, silver, peacock, purple, indigo

The most common natural color is the famous black Tahitian pearl color. Black Tahitian pearls have been the favorite of royalty through the ages. 

The Tahitian pearls are fascinating organic gems formed from the black lip oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera). These pearls derive their name from the origin, primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia, around Tahiti. 

It's believed, in Tahitian legend, the Polynesian God came down to earth on a rainbow for a princess, bringing black pearls as a gift with him. The god offered it to the princess as a token of his undying love & affection. 

The majority of Tahitian pearls will fall into the range of gray – from dark grays that are almost black to lighter ones that are almost silver. As a result, we have this wide variety of shades.

Tahitian pearl colors: gray, pistachio, silver, black, aubergine, peacock.

*General Signature Pearl Essences:  youthful innocence, purity, flow and flexibility, sincerity, integrity, balances feminine aspects, insight, clarity, wisdom, focus, caretakers and regulate our emotions

*Energy Centers/Chakras in the body:  Pearl's signature gifts depend on its color: White Pearl brings freedom, Brownish - wisdom, Yellowish - wealth, Greenish - happiness, Indigo-Illumination

A necklace has a combination of Light and dark Pearls to create a unified team; Light Pearl focuses mainly on the Solar Plexus energy center and our frequency of confidence in the world.  Dark Pearls balance the two lower Energy centers to create greater creativity and stability, even with the unseen energies. This combination of light and dark pearls may empower a unity consciousness through cooperation with the Solar Plexus-spleen and liver organs and can greatly enhance one’s vitality and adaptive ability to changing environments and emotional sensitivities.  

 Disclaimer: This is a handcrafted product and may have minor irregularities or imperfections that usually come up in handmade products. However, the irregularities further enhance the beauty of the product, making each piece unique.

Despatch in a maximum of 5 business days. None of our items is eligible for return. Most of our products are customized & made to order.


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Spot-Cleaning only. Keep in a separate box to avoid scratches. Keep away from fragrance and water.